Zenobia Shriners International

The Grand and Glorious Order of the
Hillbilly Degree, Turkeyfoot Clan #75
Perrysburg, Ohio



2021 International Convention (Ashland, KY)






International Hillbilly Convention in Mt. Pleasant, SC (Oct. 2018)

The 2018 Soup Spectacular! was a great success. 
Pictured above are: Carol Trehan (1st Place), Catfish Jimmy, Illustrious Cuzzin Tom Binder, Carolyn LaCourse (3rd Place) & Boyd Durain (2nd Place)


May 2016




2016 Oregon Parade

Our cuzzins had a great time at the Oregon Fest Parade!



2015 International Hillbilly Convention

The 2015 International Hillbilly Convention was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 8/20-23/2015. Several Turkeyfoot clan members attended the convention & a fantastic time was had by all!



2014 Hillbilly of the Year

At the 2014 Annual Chili Cook-Off, Catfish Jimmy Snetz awarded Stan Hoffman with the 2014 Hillbilly of the Year for Turkeyfoot Clan #75.  We value our Cuzzin Stan and we are honored to award him with this title.



2014 Chili Cook-Off

March 2, 2014 was the Annual Chili Cook-Off at the Zenobia Shrine Center. We had chili to sample & judge and initiations for our Clan.
A big CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners of the cook-off who were as follows: Judges Choice: 1st Place Cindy Kreiger, 2nd Place Keri Leskow, 3rd Place Boyd Durain and People’s Choice: 1st Place Pam Ray, 2nd Place Keri Leskow and 3rd Place Dick Reder.

Plenty of food & fun was enjoyed by all including an initiation of 6 new cuzzins!
Thanks to all who attended & participated in the Cook-Off!



2013 Hillbilly of the Year

At the 2013 Chili Cook-Off, on March 3, 2013, Catfish Jimmy Snetz awarded Cuzzin Hanson "Curly" Lilly with the 2013 Hillbilly of the Year for Turkeyfoot Clan #75.  Cuzzin Curly is a valuable member of the Clan and he surely deserves the honor!


2013 Chili Cook-off Winners
A big congratulations to all of the winners of the 2013 Chili Cook-off on March 3, 2013. Usually there are 6 winners but this year we had only 4 winners as the People and the Judges agreed on all except the 3rd Place Winner.

Pictured from L-R are John Brown, Dick Reder, Keri Leskow & John Zettler

1st Place: Keri Leskow (both Judges and Peoples Choice)

2nd Place: Dick Reder (both Judges and Peoples Choice )

3rd Place: John Brown (Judge's Choice) & John Zettler (People's Choice)


2012 Chili Cook-off Winners

People's Choice Winners

 Left to Right: Kenny Mikolas-1st Place, Dorothy Welniak-2nd Place and Zoe Murphy-3d Place

Judge's Choice Winners


Left to Right: Dick Reder-1st Place, Carol Leskow-2nd Place and Kenny Mikolas-3rd Place


On Thursday, November 10, 2011, TurkeyFoot Clan #75 presented
Zenobia Road Runners with the keys and title to a brand new van!


2011 International Imperial Hillbilly Convention

Sarasota, Florida

2011 International Hillbilly Queen Competition


2011 Possum Queen Contest




2011 Parade Pictures



2011 Chili Cook-Off




Some other random photos from parades and other events... 


Now don't you wish you had been there?



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