Zenobia Shriners International

The Grand and Glorious Order of the
Hillbilly Degree, Turkeyfoot Clan #75

Perrysburg, Ohio

updated 01/17/22

It’s a Privy-lege to be a Hillbilly in Clan #75!

Join Turkeyfoot Clan #75

We'd love to welcome you into our Hillbilly family!!! To date, the Turkeyfoot Clan #75 has initiated more than 700 men and 600 gals into the Clan.

The criteria to join are simple:

1.  the candidate must be a member of the Shrine of North America or a gal sponsored by a member; and
2. the Shrine member must be in good standing with the Shrine of North America. 

The cost is $40 for men and $30 for gals and you are a lifetime member as long as your Shrine membership remains.   There are no annual dues.  Upon becoming a member, you will receive an official Hillbilly hat and some other goodies.

Our only goals is to have fun while raising money for the Shrine Hospitals system. We ask nothing of the membership but encourage them to get involved on a volunteer basis. 

We meet on the first Friday of every month except for July, August and December. 

Everyone is asked to dress "appropriately" for the meetings.  We have our own Hillbilly “signature” clothing that can be purchased if desired. Otherwise, your best bib overalls or other Hillbilly attire is suitable!

Initiations occur during our 2 annual events:  Chili Cook-off in early March and Possum Queen Contest in August.

You can click one of the buttons below to download the petition for membership and mail it to:  Turkeyfoot Clan #75, 8048 Broadstone, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

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