Zenobia Shriners International

The Grand and Glorious Order of the
Hillbilly Degree, Turkeyfoot Clan #75
Perrysburg, Ohio



The Possum Queen contest for Turkeyfoot Clan #75 is held every August.
Details will be posted on the main page with a link to a flyer advertising the event.


Possum Queen Royalty

Cindy Greaney, Possum Queen 2021-2023

COVID-19, Possum Queen Contest for 2020 - Canceled

Tiffany Harder, Possum Queen 2019-2020

Ellen Wilhelm, Possum Queen 2016-2018

Georgia Durain, Possum Queen 2015-2016

Sarah Ramsey, Possum Queen 2014-2015

Heather Ramsey, Possum Queen 2013-2014

Ruth Hibbs, Possum Queen 2012-2013



Jenny Snetz, Possum Queen 2011-2012


Our Possum Queens Past & Present


in back from L-R:  Christine Hamilton (2010-11), Nancy Janney (2008-10), Renee Falkenberg (2006-07),
Cindy Greaney (2005-06, 2021-2022),

Kay Winnie (2004-05), Barb Hudson (2007-08)[not pictured], seated Jenny Snetz (2011-2012)

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