Zenobia Shriners International

The Grand and Glorious Order of the
Hillbilly Degree, Turkeyfoot Clan #75

Perrysburg, Ohio

updated 10/18/18

It's a Privy-lege to be a Hillbilly!!

Our Officers

Deputy Ambassador for Ohio: 
Les Flounders

- In Memorium

Raban of the Clan:

Cuzzin Howard Shirling
204 Lakeview Dr.
Millbury, OH 43447
Ph. 419-409-0687
E-mail: howardthegenie@yahoo.com

Keeper of the Cob:
Larry "Lugnut" Janney (Lady Nancy)
3613 Greenview
Toledo, OH 43606
Ph. 419-478-7046
E-mail; dlarjan@yahoo.com

Guardian of the Still:
Jim "Hambone" Hamilton (Lady Christine)
791 Sandalwood Rd. West
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Ph. 419-215-1997
E-mail: jimhamilton@bex.net

Keeper of the Quill:
Leon Rader (Lady Lois)
354 Toledo St.
Elmore, OH  43616
Ph. 419-862-3641
 E-mail: Leonelmor@aol.com

Guardian of the Hills: 
Jack (Firewood) Green
P. O. Box 268 US 23
Risingsun, OH  43457                    
Ph. 419-575-3367
E-mail: Jackgreen470@aol.com

Shepherd of the Clan: 
Rod "Old Guy" Wilhelm
4507 N. Reiman Rd.
Millbury, OH 43447
Ph. 419-262-5401
E-mail: oldguyrod@gmail.com

Guardian of the Still Emeritus: 
Dick "Tater" Leskow (Lady Calamity Carol)
205 Willamont Rd.
Toledo, OH 43606
E-mail: imahillbilly@toast.net

Our Royalty

2017-2018 Possum Queen: Lady Ellen Wilhelm

Past Possum Queens:

2018-19      Lady Tiffany Harder
2016-18      Lady Ellen Wilhelm
2015-16:     Lady Georgia Durain
2014-15:     Lady Sarah Ramsey
2013-14:     Lady Heather Ramsey
2012-13:     Lady Ruth Hibbs
2011-12:      Lady Jenny Snetz (Int'l Queen 2012-13)
2010-11:     Lady Christine Hamilton
2008-10:   Lady Nancy Janney
2007-08:  Lady Barb Hudson
2006-07:  Lady Renee Falkenberg (Int'l Queen 2007-08)
2005-06:  Lady Cindy Greaney
2004-05:  Lady Kay Winnie