Zenobia Shriners International

The Grand and Glorious Order of the
Hillbilly Degree, Turkeyfoot Clan #75

Perrysburg, Ohio

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BLACK CAMEL REPORT (beginning 2020)
Cuzzin's Name
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Date Deceased
Don Harrington 03-22-2021
Marjorie J. "Margie" Varnes 03-03-2021
Illustrious Sir John (Jack) Storey 02-27-2021
Harold Mucci 02-07-2021
Zoellen Murphy 01-24-2021
Leon C. Rader 12-29-2020
Leo "Skip" Garey 12-17-2020
Andrew ("Andy") C. Goodall 12-03-2020
Donald A. Smith 11-07-2020
Dick "Tater" Leskow 10-24-2020
John Michael Hoffman 10-05-2020
George "Doc" Stucker 07-24-2020
O'Deal "Dee" Boose 04-15-2020
Richard L. Savage 04-11-2020
Ralph G. Woessner 04-01-2020
Thomas William (Tom) Garcher 03-23-2020
Richard (Dick) G. Gilts 03-15-2020
Billy L. Power 03-13-2020
Margaret "Peg" Walker 02-17-2020
Ill. Sir  Jerry Argabrite 02-09-2020
Imperial Raban Harry Steele 01-31-2020
Patricia "Pat" Swy 01-19-2020